Thursday, May 26, 2011

Hello? Hi!

Wow, December 29 was my last post, huh?  That was five months ago!  What a ridiculous five months it's been, though!  I've read/cooked/made/done a ton of things worth posting about, so it's not that.  I have almost no excuses, but I blame my non-blogging on thefollowing:

1) Work blocked all blog sites - seriously, I can't even read blogs at work anymore, nevermind write my own.  Not even work-related blogs.  Ridic.

2) My computer was out of commission for quite a while.  Something was wrong with the screen.  Turned out it only took about 3 days to get it fixed, but it was months of interwebbing on my phone or crappy old laptop before we actually sent the good one out.

3) Work has been completely ridiculous busy for the last few months.  Completely ridiculous.

4) I'm pregnant!  Those first few months of being sick and exhausted all the time were no joke.  I haven't even read much this year (I think I'm on my 12th book for the year or something), because I've just been too tired and/or busy with baby preparations.  I'm due September 9, so I'm just about 6 months along now. 

Whew!  Hopefully I'll be better about blogging on a going-forward basis.  Some highlights from the past few months:
  • I saw LP in February - it was awesome, but didn't live up to my super-high expectations, sadly.
  • I made and decorated easter-egg cake balls for Easter - they were delish.
  • I sewed a crib skirt for my new crib - definitely the hardest sewing project I've ever attempted, and I'm so damn proud of how it came out.
  • Devil In the White City was a fabulous book.
  • I got my Soundgarden tickets for this summer  the other day - I'll be 7 months pregnant for the show, but I don't care at all, I'm super-excited.