Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Music Lover's Award!

Thanks you Christiejolu at Tales From My Head for giving me the Music Lover's Award!

For this award I have to:

1. List your top 10 favorite songs on your iPod
2. State what color your iPod is
3. Give this award to 11 music loving bloggers

Here we go:

1)  Top 10 iPod songs:
My tastes change like the wind, but here's a list for now, in no particular order 
(this was WICKED hard, by the way):

  Empire State of Mind, Jay-Z
  Nobody's Listening, Linkin Park
  Don't Follow, AIC
  High Road, Fort Minor
  New Fang, Them Crooked Vultures
  Fall Through Glass, Bushwalla
  Missing My Baby, G. Love
  You and Your Heart, Jack Johnson
  You and I Both, Jason Mraz
  Uprising, Muse

2)  The color of my iPod(s):
I have two.  I have a pink 4G Nano (I don't know what generation it is, but it's the first generation they made in color), and I have an old-school 30G video iPod.  I think it's the first generation they put out with video.  It's OLD.  I used to just have my pink one, but it filled up, and I was having to delete songs to put more on, and that REALLY sucked, so I took over J's old 30G, since he uses his phone for all his music now anyway.  I still use my Nano when I run (Ha!  I can't even tell you the last time I ran) because it has Nike+.

3)  Pick 11 music loving bloggers:
I think this is even more difficult than picking my 10 favorite songs.  I can't come up with 11, I know I can't, especially without giving it back to where I got it from.  ;)  Most of the music blogs I read are based off of commercial sites, and as far as I know, that doesn't count.  A few of my book and writing blogger friends are totally into music, but I don't really expect them to participate because their blogs have cohesive themes (unlike mine) that are not music related, so I'm stealing Christiejolu's idea, and I'm cheating by not passing this on, but others should feel free to yoink this award and pass it on.  You book and writing ladies know who you are, and should take this and post it for yourselves if you are so inclined.

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  1. Yes Alice in Chains! And a song not many know! Now I know you are a fan (Not that I doubted before) You have a very diverse musical taste. Somehow I knew you would!