Friday, April 24, 2009

75 books in 2009

I just added a new badge to my sidebar, proclaiming my participation in a challenge to read 75 books in 2009. I've never kept track of how many books I read, or which books I read, for that matter, but I'm trying something new this year. It's kind of neat to keep track. Again with the FB I'm Reading App thing - I've been adding mini-reviews, if only for myself, each time I finish a book, including the date that I finish. Initially, when my internet book club was setting up these challenges, I unofficially decided I'd aim for 50 books in 2009. There were people challenging themselves to 25, 50, 100 and 200 books over the course of this year. Now, put some thought into that - there's 52 weeks in a year. So 200 books in a year is about 4 books a week. That's crazy talk in my world. Having never kept track of my reading before, I figured, sure, a book a week is probably about average for me, I can swing 50. But a few weeks ago, when I was at 18 books by late March, I realized that 50 wasn't going to be much of a challenge, so we did some re-configuring and a few of us decided on 75. I now know that I do not average 2 books a week, for the most part, so 100 is probably not going to happen. In fact, today I started and read most of my 23rd book for the year, but a large part of that is because I've been reading a lot of YA stuff lately, and it all reads so fast. Anyway, I will start posting updates on my progress in the sidebar. Good times.

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