Friday, August 22, 2008

Objectively considering Twilight

I recently came across this blog bash of the Twilight series, and I think it's worth sharing to show that I accept the ridiculousness of my obsession:

  • Twilight basher blog

  • Funny thing is, as much as I love the series, and fully intend to re-read it because I'm convinced I'll enjoy it even more the second time around, I agree with so much of what this blogger says about the series. I think this post is hysterical for it's truth. The books are not very well written, but they're YA candy, they're not meant to be the new Dracula or even the new Interview with a Vampire (which I didn't really enjoy that much, but I completely acknowledge the rightful place of the series in the world of vampire literature). Either way, I just wanted to acknowledge that I know I'm obsessed and ridiculous about the whole Twilight thing. That is all.

    My new favorite song

    Coldplay's Viva la Vida is my new favorite song. It's everywhere right now, and that mildly drives me nuts, because I'm afraid I'll tire of it too quickly, but I don't listen to the radio in my car, so I should be okay. I've liked the song since it was released, but then I read the lyrics, and now it's my favorite:
    I used to rule the world
    Seas would rise when I gave the word
    Now in the morning I sleep alone
    Sweep the streets I used to own

    I used to roll the dice
    Feel the fear in my enemy’s eyes
    Listened as the crowd would sing
    Now the old king is dead, long live the king

    One minute I held the key
    Next the walls were closed on me
    And I discovered that my castles stand
    Upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

    I hear Jerusalem bells a-ringing
    Roman cavalry choirs are singing
    Be my mirror my sword and shield
    My missionaries in a foreign field
    For some reason I can't explain
    Once you'd go there was never
    Never an honest word
    And that was when I ruled the world

    It was a wicked and wild wind
    Blew down the doors to let me in
    Shattered windows and the sound of drums
    People couldn’t believe what I’d become
    Revolutionaries wait
    For my head on a silver plate
    Just a puppet on a lonely string
    Oh who would ever want to be king

    I hear Jerusalem bells a-ringing
    Roman cavalry choirs are singing
    Be my mirror my sword and shield
    My missionaries in a foreign field
    For some reason I can’t explain
    I know Saint Peter won't call my name
    Never an honest word
    But that was when I ruled the world

    Hear Jerusalem bells a-ringing
    Roman cavalry choirs are singing
    Be my mirror my sword and shield
    Missionaries in a foreign field
    For some reason I can’t explain
    I know Saint Peter won't call my name
    Never an honest word
    But that was when I ruled the world

    When I first heard it, and before I actually knew the lyrics, I just enjoyed the song - it has a catchy beat and it's kind of fun. Now that I know the lyrics to it, though, I can't seem to stop listening to it or humming/singing it constantly. I'm not sure what the draw is, but I really like it. Conveniently, the song after it on the CD is Violet Hill, which has a fantastic beat that I can't seem to get enough of either.

    I think part of the reason I like Viva la Vida so much is due to the fact that I just finished reading World Without End by Ken Follet (LONG awaited follow-up to Pillars of the Earth, which is the best book I have ever read. Ever.), which is a kind of medieval saga/historic fiction kind of novel, starring kings, knights, earls, bishops, and the whole chess board cast of characters, and I feel like the song is sort of related. If not entirely in meaning and plot, at least in topic. Maybe it's just that my mind is in that set - medieval chessboards and the like, but something about the song just struck me once I paid attention to the lyrics.

    It's about a king that seems to have yearned for power and is ecstatic to finally achieve it, who then loses power, but seems okay with that. I like the dichotomy of the phyched attitude ("feel the fear in my enemy's eyes . . . people couldn't believe what I'd become") against the "I'm over it" sort of feeling ("never an honest word . . . who would ever want to be king"). I'm a big fan. Big.

    Monday, August 11, 2008

    I'm starving

    Generally when I'm hung over, all I want to do is eat. It's 6:00 pm and I'm starving. All I have had today was a falafel around 1:00, and some ice cream around 4:00. I'm so damn hungry! I'm still waiting for Jimmy to get home from work before I can have dinner. Very sad.

    Too many words.

    I'm currently in the midst of too many books. I always read more than one book at a time, but this is just ridiculous. I feel like I'm never going to finish any of them at this rate. I'm currenty reading:

    1) World Without End
    2) Daughter of York
    3) Dracula
    4) The Last Lecture
    5) Are You There Vodka, It's Me, Chelsea
    6) Dexter In The Dark

    I had started reading the first two before the whole Twilight thing happened to me, so I'm just getting back into those. I started The Last Lecture in between the last two Twilight books, and I should be able to finish that pretty soon. I'm reading Dracula because of the vampire thing, but that's going to take a while though. Oh, and Dexter In The Dark is an audio book, so I don't need to come up with any time to read that, at least. Twilight has messed me all up. It was so worth it, though.

    Tuesday, August 5, 2008

    Twilight is over . . .

    So, the more I read, the more obsessed I became. I DID end up going to get my copy of the fourth book at midnight last Friday, and I finished it on Sunday night. All of my copies of the whole series are currently loaned to people, and I have convinced three people that they actually need to own the whole series themselves. The fourth book neatly ended the series with a little pink bow, but nonetheless left something to be desired. I have a distinct feeling that Stephanie Meyer is planning for some future spin-off books involving some of the other characters, because it sort of felt like the fourth book was written to open those doors. It's very unfortunate if that's the case, because some of the major characters that all Twilight readers adore suffered for it in Breaking Dawn in the process. Edward is the reason most girls and young women get hooked on this series, and he just didn't live up to expectations in the fourth book. I spent a good portion of reading the first three books a little concerned about what would happen to Bella if she got her wish of becoming a vampire and spending eternity with Edward; what would she have to give up in the process? Her family? Her friendship with Jacob? Ever getting married and having children? There were so many consequesces presented throughout the first three books, that you really had to feel for the girl, having to give up so much to be wth the one she loved, but in the end, no, she got everything she wanted, and everyone lived happily ever after. She gave up nothing. She married Edward, she got to have sex with him while she was still human, they had a perfect baby, Bella's the uber-vampire, she has even more great sex with Edward now that she's a vampire, Jacob and his whole pack get along famously with the vampires, and he's happy as a clam, and he's even going to be Bella and Edward's son in law someday, Alice came home, they all get to stay in Forks for a while, Charlie knows about it all and is okay with it, and he's even got a new girlfriend to cook for him and take care of him . . . It really did wind up like a fairy tale, which, I guess, in a way it is. It's a YA fantasy book, so of course it was all going to work out so well in the end, and I really enjoyed the book, and can't complain at all. Oh wait, except for the minor issue of the child's name: Renesmee. Renesmee? It's even spelled phonetically the first time it's presented in the book - like Stephanie Meyer knew just how ridiculous it was, that she should think to tell her readers the correct pronounciation. It's just distracting - your eyes get caught on that name everytime it's written. Such an awful name.

    Oh well. I guess I'll try to lay off the Twilight and get my life back in order. At least until December when the movie is coming out. Then I'll probably re-read the first book, anyway.