Friday, April 9, 2010

I selfishly love my dog (mobile follow-up)

Original mobile post from 4/9/10:

Going out after work on Fridays is so much better since I got a dog. Reasons to follow.

Edited to add (on 4/16/10):
All of the reasons stem from the fact that having a dog means I have to go home and take care of him.  Here are just a few:
1) I have to go home before I go out, so I get to change my clothes.  This is really the biggest and most important of all the reasons.  I hate dressing up for work, and out for drinks in a suit is no fun at all, IMO.
2) I wind up going out closer to home, and not having to drive as far to get home after drinks.
3) I can have a beer at home while he's eating his dinner, and I that's one less beer to pay for at the bar.
3a) It's also one more beer to ease my social anxiety before I even get to the bar.
4) When I do leave work a little early on Fridays to go out straight from there, I can't get sucked into "extra" beers before driving home.
5) Even if I've gone home first, I still can't get sucked into staying out all night, because poor Moo needs to get some running-round time in, so I don't wind up staying out all night on Friday nights, and I love that.

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