Friday, February 6, 2009

I need a bigger iPod

I'm not even kidding. I have a 4G nano. I love my nano. It's pink. It used to hold all my music. I used to talk shit about 32G iPods - "why would anyone need that much storage on an iPod?" I said. "Who would pay that much for an iPod? I mean, you can switch out your music and everything; how is 1,000 songs not enough?" I would ask, stupidly. Stupid, stupid me. A nano is now great - for the gym. I need a 32G for my day-to-day life.

I've spent the past hour trying to distill down what I can justify taking off of my 4G nano. It hurts. For real. I feel like I've listened to the intros for every song in there, determining what can go and what has to stay. It's actually paining me to delete some of this stuff in order to put the new shit on there. But I have so much new shit that I love equally as much as my old shit. I don't have kids, but I think of it that way. Sophie's Choice, baby, Sophie's Choice (okay, maybe that's extreme - it might even be politically incorrect on some f'ed up level, but really, it's bad). The Guster all has to stay, and so does all of the Citizen Cope, and all the Sublime and RHCP, along with Ash Roth and Animal Collaborative. Bummer.

Who's being sacrificed, you ask? Let me tell you about some of the heartbreaking losses: Lots of Sinatra; all the Jimmy Buffett (it is winter after all); most of the Billy Joel; It's awful, really. I can't talk about that anymore.

So, who gets the honor of losing nothing? RHCP. Sublime. U2. Buckcherry. The Gipsy Kings. Fort Minor. SOB. George Clinton. Linkin Park (despite the fact that I may have a few songs three times, but one is studio, and the other two are two different live versions, I can't pick a favorite, I don't do favorites). And all the new stuff. I'm doing this to get the new guys in. I'm adopting them. It's benevolent of me, really.

Hey, friends? I turn 30 in April. I could really use a bigger iPod.
I'm just sayin', baby I'm just sayin'.

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