Thursday, February 26, 2009

Spiritual Rez

These guys opened for George Clinton & P-Funk at House of Blues in Boston last night. They were already on when we got in, and I really regret missing the beginning of their set. They describe themselves as "a 7-piece reggae horn funk dance party," and that pretty much suits the bill. They're from Boston, and it's always great to support local music. You can hear in their sound how much of an influence bands like P-Funk are for them, so I'm sure it was HUGE for them to open for George Clinton last night. I'm psyched for them, and really jazzed about them, so I feel the need to spread the word. Check them out!

I just bought their independent EP, which is available on iTunes or through their website, and it doesn't entirely do their live show justice. According to their website, though, they're planning to put out a live album this summer. Plus you can download live stuff on their website, too. And fortunately, there's a few videos on YouTube. Here's one, but please, do yourself a favor and check these guys out and go see them if you ever have the chance:

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