Monday, May 25, 2009

Gardening update

Despite the on and off rain on Saturday and Sunday, we managed to get a fairly significant amount done on my new garden this weekend. If we hadn't both been hung-over messes today, maybe we could've finished it, since it was so beautiful out today. But alas, I was a bum all day. Anyway, we got everything out of the old bed and delivered the two holly bushes to Bill's house around the corner. I have a ton of lilies that are sitting in a bucket waiting to be re-planted, and the ugly bush is out at the curb, waiting for me to tie it up properly for the trash men. God, that thing was awful. We also managed to put scalloped brick edgers in around the border, which was a surprise add-on project because J wanted a nice neat edge, since the garden is likely going to be a bit unruly. I also started raking through the dirt that's there, getting out the huge rocks and the roots, but I haven't finished that job yet. Once that's done, I just need to mix in the new soil and then I'm ready to plant! Hopefully I can at least have it ready to plant - if not partly planted - by this time tomorrow. We'll see.

In other gardening news - I did manage to get the four tomato plants (2 grape, 2 cherry) and all the basil into pots on the deck. I think I'm going to have to split the basil, though - it's too much in the two pots it's in right now - I know it's going to be too big. I also got all of the impatiens into the big buckets under the deck - they're going to look great when they fill in. And I put snapdragons in the milk cans on the front steps and behind the mailbox, but they're so not working in either place, so I'm going to move them and replace them with impatiens too. Other than my new garden, then, I still need to move the snapdragons and plant impatiens in their place, and I need to plant the dahlias around the light post and the mailbox. Good times!

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