Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm exhausted and drained again this past week. It occurred to me at some point last week that June 1 is right around the corner. The once far-distant deadline for redeeming my "prize" of a free paperback proof of my novel is now looming under two weeks away, and alas, the book remains incomplete. My plan was to have something completed and at least semi-edited done by May 31 so that I could at least say I did it, and after again looking over the now 250 page, 111,000 word document, it's already semi-edited, cause I've been doing that all along. I realized then, last week, that I just need to bang out another 2 or 3 chapters, and I can call it done and redeem my prize. So I'm back to staying up late and not doing much around my house and being scatterbrained whenever I'm not sitting at my laptop, thinking/daydreaming about Jason and Sarah and Brady (who is now on his 4th name, btw), and it's exhausting. I do think I added some depth to the story yesterday, though, which is really sort of a breakthrough for me and my shallow smut. And this is saying nothing of the fact that I remain title-less and cover graphic-less at this point, with no real intention of thinking of something before I send this off to print (if something comes to me, great, otherwise, the cover will resemble Catcher in the Rye, only with something like [TITLE] written in the center). So please pardon my temporary ADD until after June 1. Thanks.

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