Monday, September 28, 2009

Random thoughts

This post is inspired by Mark Patinkin's articles in the Providence Journal this weekend.  I laughed out loud at both of them.

I hate my lunch today, but we had nothing in the house.  Salad with lettuce and tomatoes only and an english muffin with sugar-free jam, and a few fritos.  Boring.

Untoasted english muffins are just gross, and weren't meant to be eaten that way.  At all.

Does it still count as salad if it's just lettuce and tomatoes in a bowl?

I regret not buying the crumpets I had in my hand at the grocery store last week.

I love Cozy Shack rice pudding, but I very rarely purchase it because then it's more of a treat when I do.

I refuse to buy orange marmalade for my house, because then it takes some of the magic out of going out for diner breakfast.

Is it weird that I made a conscious decision not to bring any Cozy Shack with my paltry lunch today because eating it at work would ruin it?

I've been in a dark, moody and brooding mood for over a week now, and it doesn't appear to be getting much better anytime soon.

My new favorite dark, moody and brooding mood song is Bad Day by Fuel.  Conviently, on the Best of Fuel CD that I own, it's followed immediately by Last Time, which has prooved to be angry enough to help me out of the sad mood inspired by Bad Day.  It works out really well, I think.

I'm beyond excited about the fact that over the weekend, my name was picked in a drawing to win a free copy of this magazine:

I'm bummed that I don't have the equivalent of a "man town" to display it in.  I doubt it would go over well if I displayed it in my bedroom at home.  I guess it's relegated to my office.

I'm thinking of chopping my hair short and coloring it darker than it is.  But I secretly know that I'm too indecisive to do this just yet, and it's going to stay the same color and keep on getting longer for at least a few more months.

On Saturday afternoon, we mowed our lawn.  It took two of us all afternoon to get it all done.  Note to self - do yard work more often than once a month.

Fuel is a great band, by the way.

Sometimes I look back and feel like entire years of my life have disappeared from my memory.  Then I wonder if that's a good thing or a bad thing.  I've never come to any conclusion on that point.

When I go to make my lunch for tomorrow, there's still going to be nothing in my house.  Actually, there will be less nothing than there was today, because we're out of lettuce now, too.

There's also nothing there for dinner tonight without some farily extensive cooking.  Guess who won't be home long enough to cook anything for dinner tonight?

A day without protein is like a day without sunshine

I wish I could quit my job and go back to college forever and just keep earning new degrees, but I don't want to be made to pay for any of this, and I never want to put any of the degrees to any practial, job-related use.  Specifically, I would like to start with an MBA with a focus in advertising and marketing, and a masters in meteorology.

I'd also like to do some more "studying" abroad.

Shutter Island just made the short list of the best books I've ever read.  There will be a separate post (with spoilers) about that in the very near future.

I shouldn't promise future posts like that, because I have a history of not following up.

Does it even matter?  Anything, I mean?

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