Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm with Coco

I love this.
 Because I really am.  I've been no fan of NBC or Jay Leno for a while now, and I really thought that giving that huge-chinned, no-talent shmuck his own prime-time-five-nights-a-week show was the last straw for me, that it couldn't get any worse, but my friends, last week it did.  My displeasure with NBC and Mr. Leno has risen to a new level.  It's completely absurd that the network is going to give Leno back the 11:35 time slot for his show, bumping THE TONIGHT SHOW, a television icon, into tomorrow, at 12:05.  What's next, Saturday Night Live on Sundays? Ugh.  Thankfully, Conan has stood his ground, and with all of the grace and dignity expected of him, despite the uncertainty that he's walking into by doing so, and I'm really pleased to see that he's not selling out or otherwise taking shit from a network gone awry.  (PS: Hey NBC?  I loved the Black Donneleys, as did a number of others.  It was a shit decision to cancel it.  In favor of what? Another Law & Order spin-off?  Another run-of-the-mill hospital drama?  Every single half-way decent hour-long drama that you get, you cancel before even giving it a chance.  Boooooooo.)

I guess we'll see what more happens, both at NBC and for Conan's future in television hosting, in the coming days, but make no mistake: I'm with Coco.

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