Monday, July 12, 2010

The Best Fruit Dip Ever.

Credit for this goes to my sister-in-law, who served it one of the first times that I ever met her.  My parents and I went to visit my brother and his then-girlfriend at the house they were renting for the summer in Charlestown for a little cookout.  One of the things that C served was cut up fruit with this fluffy, green, delicious dip.  I don't remember if it was a picky when we first got there or a dessert, or how much of it I had to eat before I finally asked her what it was, but I will never forget how excited I was to learn that it was just Cool Whip mixed with some instant pistachio pudding mix.  That's it.  Probably don't mix the whole packet of instant pudding mix into one tub of thawed out Cool Whip, unless you want it to be really stiff and really pistachio-y, but just sprinkle in a little at a time and mix in enough to suit your taste.  I usually use fat-free Cool Whip and fat-free pudding mix, so unless you're following Michael Pollan's rules (more on that another time), it's not even bad for you!  It's amazingly simple and completely delicious.  Maybe this is a common knowledge kind of thing, but I was floored the first time I had it, and I've made it a few times recently to great applause, so I just wanted to share.  It's too tasty to not share!

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