Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Twilight is over . . .

So, the more I read, the more obsessed I became. I DID end up going to get my copy of the fourth book at midnight last Friday, and I finished it on Sunday night. All of my copies of the whole series are currently loaned to people, and I have convinced three people that they actually need to own the whole series themselves. The fourth book neatly ended the series with a little pink bow, but nonetheless left something to be desired. I have a distinct feeling that Stephanie Meyer is planning for some future spin-off books involving some of the other characters, because it sort of felt like the fourth book was written to open those doors. It's very unfortunate if that's the case, because some of the major characters that all Twilight readers adore suffered for it in Breaking Dawn in the process. Edward is the reason most girls and young women get hooked on this series, and he just didn't live up to expectations in the fourth book. I spent a good portion of reading the first three books a little concerned about what would happen to Bella if she got her wish of becoming a vampire and spending eternity with Edward; what would she have to give up in the process? Her family? Her friendship with Jacob? Ever getting married and having children? There were so many consequesces presented throughout the first three books, that you really had to feel for the girl, having to give up so much to be wth the one she loved, but in the end, no, she got everything she wanted, and everyone lived happily ever after. She gave up nothing. She married Edward, she got to have sex with him while she was still human, they had a perfect baby, Bella's the uber-vampire, she has even more great sex with Edward now that she's a vampire, Jacob and his whole pack get along famously with the vampires, and he's happy as a clam, and he's even going to be Bella and Edward's son in law someday, Alice came home, they all get to stay in Forks for a while, Charlie knows about it all and is okay with it, and he's even got a new girlfriend to cook for him and take care of him . . . It really did wind up like a fairy tale, which, I guess, in a way it is. It's a YA fantasy book, so of course it was all going to work out so well in the end, and I really enjoyed the book, and can't complain at all. Oh wait, except for the minor issue of the child's name: Renesmee. Renesmee? It's even spelled phonetically the first time it's presented in the book - like Stephanie Meyer knew just how ridiculous it was, that she should think to tell her readers the correct pronounciation. It's just distracting - your eyes get caught on that name everytime it's written. Such an awful name.

Oh well. I guess I'll try to lay off the Twilight and get my life back in order. At least until December when the movie is coming out. Then I'll probably re-read the first book, anyway.

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