Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Bubby

He was the best cat ever. He was born December 4, 1995. His mom was my friend's cat, and she was tiny and skinny. She was an inside cat and one day she snuck out and came home pregnant. We never knew who Bubby's father was. My friend's family named him Bubba when he was a kitten, and when I got him at about eight weeks, I decided to keep the name. I could never have known how he would grow into his name! He was a people cat, and completely different from any other cat I've ever come across. He was the farthest thing in the world from independent, preferring to be where everyone else was than by himself. He would've rather sat on your lap than anything, and would jump on someone's lap to cuddle within ten minutes of meeting them. He used to follow me to bed in the winter, and cuddle under my arm like a teddy bear to sleep. He was the sweetest, most lovable cat you could ever meet.

He lived for thirteen happy and healthy years before he got really sick over this past weekend. He spent one night in the hospital on oxygen and iv medications to help with his breathing and to try and fix the blood clot that was blocking circulation to his right front leg, and he was doing better when we brought him home on Sunday, even if he still hadn't regained the use of that one leg. Unfortunately, he took a turn for the worse around three am Sunday night/Monday morning when his breathing again got very erratic and shallow and he threw another blood clot which blocked circulation to both of his back legs. We did all that we could for him, and just tried to keep him comfortable, but by five o'clock in the morning, he was clearly suffering and in pain, so we had to bring him back to the animal hospital to have him put down.

Our house now feels very empty and lonely. I miss him like crazy, and it really hurts to know that we'll never see him again. While it was really sudden, and that makes it so much more difficult for us to lose him, it's comforting to know that it was better for him that way. At least he was only really sick for two days. I think that he knew how loved he was and how hard we tried to do everything we could for him, even if he couldn't understand what was happening. He made a lot of people very happy for a long time, and he will always be missed. We love you Bubby!

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