Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wicked Funny

I just came across this excerpt from a police log while I was blog surfing. Thanks to Robot Bites Man for posting it earlier today. I couldn't resist snagging it and posting it here, it's just too funny.

In other news, I'm trying again, as I'm wasting time this afternoon, to watch this ridiculous Dungeon Siege movie. I just turned it on about halfway through, and I'm still only really able to handle about 10 minutes of it. Ugh. I just don't get what went wrong. Additionally, I've decided that I hate this Helen Hunt look-alike girl - LeeLee Sobieski. She annoys me even more than the movie as a whole. Ick.

PS - My blogging skills are improving - did you notice I learned how to link text in this post? I've impressed myself again. Yay me!

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