Thursday, June 4, 2009

Conan's new gig

I just came across this livejournal blog about Conan O'Brien's new set for the Tonight Show. In summary, it demonstrates that it looks like Conan's new monologue set (the blue, patterned wall backdrop) is modeled after a level of Super Mario Brothers. It's genius, and there is a rumor that Conan is going to talk about it on tonight's show. This is all you really need to see:

I love Conan more now that I've seen this than I did last night when he and Andy Richter did the updated "In the Year 3000" sketch and Conan said:
"In the year 3000, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook will merge to create one super-giant time wasting website called YouTwitFace."
That, my friends, is comedy gold. I love Conan and I love the new Tonight Show.

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