Monday, January 26, 2009

Social Vibe - Music for Relief

Okay, I figured out how to get the charitable ads posted into my side bar. There's a Billabong ad and an Ed Hardy ad in the side bar on the right now. When you click on them, the sponsors will make a donation to Music for Relief. Music for Relief is a grassroots organization made up of musicians, music industry professionals, and fans. It's purposes are to aid victims of natural disasters and raise social awareness about global warming and its effects. From the MFR website:

OUR MISSION: To respond to natural disasters and help victims recover and rebuild with an emphasis on housing, education programs and resources. MUSIC FOR RELIEF also recognizes the environmental consequences of global warming, which has demonstrated the capability to accelerate and strengthen certain types of natural disasters. Therefore the second goal of MUSIC FOR RELIEF is to prevent and decrease future natural disasters by reducing greenhouse gasses, seeking renewable forms of energy and educating the public about climate change.

Just by clicking on one of my links, a donation will be made. No actual money donation required on your part, just a little clicky. As I write this, the current drive is to raise funds to help with Haitian hurricane relief.

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