Thursday, May 27, 2010

Stop and smell the flowers

I'm having a wonderful day today so far (knock on wood, I guess).  I don't just mean relative to the shitshow that was my day yesterday, but in the overall, grand scheme of things, today is a good day. 

I found a skirt and top that I haven't worn in a while, and that made me feel a little better about how I've been hating my whole wardrobe lately, plus, neither item needed to be ironed, which is a total bonus, especially considering I haven't worn them since last summer. 

Then I made it out of the house on time this morning, which hasn't been happening much lately. 

When I started my car, I heard the DJ finish a sentence and then Lay Me Down by the Dirty Heads came on.  That's unquestionably my favorite song this week.  When that ended, I put on my iPod and listened to a bunch of other sunshiny music on the way to work with the windows open, so glad this week's thunderstorms limited themselves to just overnight last night and were gone by this morning.

And despite the windows being open, I kind of like my hair today, messy and pulled back half-way as it is.

Everyone I've encountered today has been refreshingly polite and friendly.

I ran out to the post office to mail my In2Books class gift, which I'm SO excited about, so that felt good.  On the way out, I got within about 10 yards of my car before I realized that I had left my keys back in my office.  But since it was a nice day, it didn't even matter.  I laughed and went back in to get my keys.  While I was out, I ran to Whole Foods to pick up something for lunch, and my falafel is delicious.  I stopped to admire the flowers and plants on my way out - they had these beautiful roses, so you almost couldn't help but stop to smell them.  Roses are so fragrant.  In my living room the other day, I could smell the rose bush outside, so I went and looked at it, and there were only 2 flowers open.  But I could smell them inside!

I've gotten a few old, stagnant things finished and out the door at work, I feel surprisingly not tired today, for a change, the new poison ivy stuff I bought works like a dream and I'm not all itchy anymore, my phone and email have been pleasantly quiet all day; it's been a lovely, lovely day so far.  I hope it keeps up!

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